Welcome to Campus Blessing

Campus blessing was started by Paulus Kristanto and Dan Dick at Fresno City Blessing together with some college students and leadership of Fresno City Blessing Church as a ministry to university students to serve them, help them find resources in the Fresno area, and to help them to excel academically.

Initially, we found our meetings consisted primarily of Fresno City Blessing Church members, although it seemed to grow as students at City Blessing invited more friends.  Some came into a saving relationship with Christ and became involved with the church.  But, later, we experienced some difficulty getting together an on-campus club constitution as we wanted to specify that this would be led by a member of Fresno City Blessing Church and because of that, those who would have become involved became involved with other activities instead.

Even so, I wanted to keep this website domain active in case we felt called to restart our efforts and expand them to other colleges and universities in the future.

The structure of the websites is one I believe will be ideal for this as we could use one subdomain for each location.



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